Virtual Private Servers

A Virtual Private Server is a virtualised server which shares a host system with other users, however is completely isolated and secure and provides the oppurtunities and appearance of a dedicated server. Each VPS can be independantly managed, rebooted and can have the operating system changed at any time. By being isolated from other users on the host system, full root access can be granted to the VPS, allowing for maximum flexibility in regards to administering your server, installing software and configuring applications. Please note to keep our prices down all our VPS Servers are un-managed by Fragnet, we only support the node and the network.


All servers include

Instant Setup
24/7 Technical Support
Game Panel
No Branding
Free Voice Server
Low Latency Networks
5 Day Money-back Guarantee

Payment methods

You can use any major credit card or your Paypal balance to make payments easily and securely. We also accept bank transfers.