Virtual Dedicated Servers

Virtual Dedicated Servers allow you complete and unrestricted access to your server. This gives the same level of control as a Dedicated Server, but at a lower price due to the virtual nature of the service. As opposed to running your server's Operating System directly from the disk as expected with a physical machine, a layer of abstraction called a Hypervisor is instead used to handle this process, and creates virtual resources for the service. Please note to keep our prices down all our VDS Servers are un-managed by Fragnet, we only support the node and the network.


All servers include

Instant Setup
24/7 Technical Support
Game Panel
No Branding
Free Voice Server
Low Latency Networks
5 Day Money-back Guarantee

Payment methods

You can use any major credit card or your Paypal balance to make payments easily and securely. We also accept bank transfers.