"I switched to FragNET from another large server host a few weeks ago, and everything about the server has been suberb. Having a file manager and the possibility to upload by FTP is definetely one the reasons i went with FragNET, but having Bukkit, mod support and access to McMyAdmin makes this host really great. Both control panels are great, and i like having the choice of using both for the server, or combining both for ultimate management. I also love that i have near full access to managing the server, something i have not had with other hosts. The support team also answers quickly and skillfully to the support tickets. The group pay feature is also a really nice feature as we are a bunch of friends wishing to have our own minecraft server. None of us have had problem with lag or downtime on this server, which was a big problem with our old server host. The prices may be slightly higher than other hosts, but the team at FragNET and the features makes the price well worth it! Keep up the excellent work guys!"


"I have used FragNET for a little over two months now and there are no complaints. Its is incredibly easy to use and makes running your Minecraft server a breeze. I can do anything from their site. Usually I have to hassle with installing plugins, but not with FragNET. With them installing plugins is so easy, and I can delete them hassle free! TThis site also have Bukkit and access to McMyAdmin! What else could you possibly need? How about your server also having no lag and no downtime. The prices are good too! Hey and what if your a total noob to running a server? Well then FragNET has a excellent support team that will ansewer quickly and actually help you out! This server host is amazing and you should use it too!


"This host is simply the best. I have been with them for 2 months and currently have 3 servers with them all working very fast with hardly any lag or downtime. Support is top class and there on live chat almost all the time. Support tickets are answered very fast and i have never had a issue they could not fix, They offer super fast MySQL databases with phpmyadmin. They also offer mcmyadmin at no extra cost which is the best software i have ever used.
I recommend fragnet to all the people i know who want servers and i recommend you get a server with them too.
The best host ever!!!"

Ryan R

"I've gotta say, me and a friend we're worried after BroHoster went down, I'm glad we found this host! it offered everything brohoster had plus more! if your looking for a host, I'd suggest this one. Some features include streaming server.log files, full FTP AND MySQL, integrated Browser File Manager and No latency in game, Also includes MyMcAdmin[I think thats what its called] support for people who don't wanna fumble with intricate server files! Great server and I'm glad me and my friend are able to host here!"


"Around a week ago, I was searching for a new Minecraft server. Before I made a purchase, I compared FragNET with all the other companies, and it was very clear this was the one. I bought the server a few hours later and within minutes, I received the login information for all the control panels. Billing, MyMCAdmin, and the professional FragNET control panel. The FragNET Control Panel makes managing your server twenty times easier. It contains everything, such as your server information, file manager, server logs, 1-click plugin install/updates, and a lot more... (there is too many features to name)! You also have access to MyMCAdmin, which makes it even easier. You'll be able to control everything there from backups, users and groups, server information and more. The FragNET support team are very professional and they know what they are doing. They can fix problems within minutes and are able to walk you through pretty much everything. Oh, they are also very fast at answering support tickets. The server was.... freaking awesome to say the least. It was fast (even in Australia), it was a good price and all my friends enjoy playing on it. It's now been a week or so since I purchased the server... and I haven't regretted it once. It's a purchase you should make now!
Speed: 5 Star!
Support: 5 Star!
Control Panel Features: 5 Star!
It's unbelievable, it's the future of Minecraft servers."


"FragNET minecraft service hosting was my first hosting service for my minecraft server. Until now there are no problems and the support is excellent. No lag just fun! The price is one of the lowest out there for what they provide. Features are unlimited because they provide you with so much. Plugins, managers even ur own uploads! When I wanted to ask a question of any kind, a very kind manager was there to answer my questions and give me all the info I needed, even more. Checking their forums, anyone will see that they have posts for perfomance, plugins even contests.Very nice forums and people there. THe control panel is supereasy and very fast, even a child can edit it. Also another useful service is the group pay.It's like a donate button for paypal but much more useful. Donate has never been so easy with this feature. Uptime is 99,9% for me, so no problem with my server. I chose fragnet and I will choose them again for my minecraft server because of all these pro's that they have! "

Andreas D.

"I've had my server at Fragnet for a month now, and I'm very pleased. Their support is also great! You submit a ticket and you get an answer very fast. Servers are great, I have 1 gb ram, and there is no lag. I really recommend Fragnet!"

Bazian S

"I currently host my Public Server with FragNet. They have the best support you can find anywhere else with the most uptime and quality as well! My server has not gone offline without notice (or me screwing around with it =P) since I started to host with them. Any host that has the owner answering support tickets and live chat personally has something to say about them. I would highly recommend FragNet to any Minecraft Server Admin."

Peter R.

"I haven't had a FragNet Server very long but I had a couple of other servers on other hosts and I can tell you this server beats them all.
At first glance, I thought the price was a bit high compared to some other servers, but the server I got is amazing. There is no lag at all and it barely uses any memory or cpu. I have loaded about 25 plugins so far with no sign of lag. Worldsaves on my old server that lagged out and disconnected everyone take about a half second on this server and is so fast nobody can even tell its saving. It has automatic backups, saves the world every 15 minutes, and pretty much configures permissions for me.
I definitely Recommend them. Get the 2gb server, its worth every penny."

William H.

"I have a fragnet server for about a week now and im very happy with it. It runs stable and lag free, i havn't had any trouble yet. The server is setup really fast, all you need to do is change the configs the way you want to and you are good to go. You can pretty much change everything on your server and add any plugins you want (im sure theres some limitations but i havn't come across them so far). I have an NL hosted server and i have a few american players playing on it aswell: They have yet to encouter any lag on their part. Im very pleased with that. Thank you fragnet, this was my first server that i didn't host myself and you havn't disappointed me :-)"


"It has been nothing but a pleasure being a customer of fragnet. Every step of the way, they have provided a level of customer service that you just won't find anywhere else on the internet. Their hardware and connections are top rate and will satisfy the hunger for any online gamer. They have some of the best competitive prices that are very hard to beat considering what you actually get. I will never hesitate to recommend fragnet to anyone."

Edward Revill-Johnson

I may as well comment saying how well Fragnet is at hosting. I've had hosting for around 3 months with Fragnet, my server is usually full (36 slots), I have quite a few plugins, and there's no lag! Best of all, I only have 2gigs of RAM, it's nicely priced and within a few minutes of making a support ticket, they'll already have replied. If you are looking for a good hosting provider, buy with Fragnet -- they don't let you down."

Jack R.

"Fantastic host, little lag. And when you do get lag, there is always someone on the end of the line to try help you out if it's a server issue (rarely is - Most likely a demanding plugin as I found out). The best support I have come across in my journeys of host to host. Very happy with the server, will continue to use your hosting and will always suggest FragNet to a friend! Keep it up!"

Jack Miller

"Got my server yesterday and the amount of support has been absolutely phenomenal. Even after ask my irritating questions and errors with me trying to do stuff myself, they've still been insanely helpful. Cannot recommend them enough. The 1gb server is also plenty for up to 15 people so far, but with the amount if exploring we do we'll probably hit some lag by next week. Great service. Do try them. "

Steven Mack

"Fragnet claims to give you quality servers. This is true, never had any lag AT ALL so far. Never had any crash on my server. As I have been making support tickets once in a while, they treat you with respect and seem very helpfull. No matter what day of the week it may be, they are VERY fast to respond.
I can't find anything bad about Fragnet, and it's DEFENITLY worth the money.
Just one thing that bothers me a little bit, as you are able to get FTP-access to the server, you could install 99% of the mods for the server out there. But unfortunately, one mod that is VERY popular among the Minecraftservers is "Minecraft Overviewer", this mod is not just a simple plugin, it's an .exe file. I do NOT blame you for not wanting to offer this server as INCLUDED when you rent a Minecraftserver, I could understand that.
But please take your time to make it possible to pay a bit extra to be able to install it for the MInecraftserver. It's WAY better that the "dynmap" plugin, it's using a GOOGLE interface with nice detailed graphic. You're allso able to zoom in and out very far, so far that you could identify every single block on the map."


"Today my renewal invoice date came up for my second month of service....
I looked back at past month, and reflected on the quality of service and reliabilty I received from your company. I could think of no reason not to continue doing business with you. Keep up the awesome job.
(I'm in San Antonio, TX; renting a 1gig server in the UK. I and a dozen other people play with relatively no lag at all)
I already said it, But i/we would LOVE it if you would offer some US based servers."


"Vouch for Fragnet.
I wanted a 1.5GB server, and the 2GB was a bit out of my price range, so I spoke to Daniel and he sorted me out an excellent deal on the 2GB.
Got it about 2 weeks ago and I've not had a single second of downtime, lag is non-existant and even using the flymod I've never had trouble with with map not loading in time.
One of the first things I did was detonate a huge TNT ball that usually crashed every other server I've used, with over 24+ people online. There was about 2 seconds of lag, and then the server carried on as normal.
Couldn't be happier with the service. "


"Fragnet is my third Minecraft host since I started playing and I have never been more pleased. I am on my second month and unless something drastically happens, I will remain with them for a long time! The uptime and quality of my server have been flawless. I simply love the control provided over my Minecraft server.The support tickets I have had, have been answered within 30 minutes - in several cases even faster than that. Keep up the good work!"

Jonas Charlen